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Symbolic Circuit Simulation Using Maxima



Depending on your needs and abilities, either the free or pay versions may be better for you. Usually I use the free versions, but not always.
Application Free Version Pay Version
Statistics R S-Plus
Signal Processing Octave Matlab
Symbolic Algebra Maxima Mathematica
Circuit Simulator Spice PSpice
Operating System Linux The other one


Lately I have been hearing good things about LTspice from several different users. Here is what my friend Helmut has to say about it:

"LTspice is free and unlimited SPICE. It outperforms PSPICE. There is also free support in the LTspice Yahoo group... There are about ten professionals including the author of LTspice who answer most of the questions in this group."
So LTspice is unlimited, free, high-performance, community-supported, but not open source. It is in a category by itself.


By toma