PWA Bare Board Manufacturers

Proto Shops

Alberta Printed Circuits
Fast two layer prototypes in solder-coated PC-8 with plated holes. You can order some small boards for about $100. I have enjoyed using this shop.
Advanced Circuits
Multilayer, quick turn-around time prototype shop. Online quotes. I know people who like this shop.

Information Sites

Other Shops

The following list was made from searching through the list at Circuit World
Printed Circuit Prototyping
Setting up a home shop with the Green CirKit.
Automata Offline, last I checked...
Champion Circuits
PCB Assembly for proto and production
PC4 multilayer
PC-8 Single and double-sided production, PC-5 prototypes
Compunetics, inc.
They look like they are trying to get MCM level performance out of PWA technology.
Tyco is a corporation in Bermuda, presumably to evade paying their fair share of US taxes. They seem to be in the business of buying printed circuit board shops and destroying their web information systems. Praegitzer and AQC both had this happen to them. If Tyco could adopted the motto: "We're too big to care!" would anyone contradict it?
Rockwell Collins Printed Circuits
Microwave and special materials in low to medium volume.
Micro Technology Services, Inc
Mitsi looks like they are providing full service design through manufacturing. Nice looking web page.
Viewers for printed circuit design data.


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