Podcasts for the Treatment of Science-Related Mimetic Disorder
Ongoing clinical trials are testing whether listening to computer, gadget and science-related audio podcasts can moderate science-related mimetic disorder (mad-scientist disease). Preliminary results are encouraging.

The podcast RSS feeds can be placed on a Google personalized home page, or other RSS aggregator software.

Technology Podcasts

This Week in Technology (TWIT network) sets the standard for podcasting production values and content. See also Leoville to make sure that you haven't missed anything.

bit-tech.net hardware feed features mostly harmless gadgets.

Cranky Geeks may cause irratability.


What's New Now

Science Podcasts

Berkeley Groks

Scientific American

Antipodean Podcast

Science Magazine


Nature Neuroscience

Nature Chemistry

Nature Genetics

Management Podcasts

43 Folders


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