Web Comics
Hell Freezes Over
If you squint your eyes, it's almost cyberpunk.
My favorite comic.
Sluggy Freelance
Worship the Comic
If you read webcomics, you must read this. It's the webcomic that started it all.
Schlock Mercenary
Travel the galaxy, meet interesting life-forms, and kill them.
A nice sci-fi strip, with very memorable characters.
College Roomies From Hell!!!
If you thought college was hell... Just wait till you meet your roomies.
The epicenter of weirdness in webcomics.
The world is spinning further and further out of control. Every year, every day, it becomes less the world of our mothers and fathers and more the world of our science-fiction fantasies.


And the only people truly prepared to face this world... are the ones who've been training for the future in their dreams.

Ladies and gentlemen. The Science Fiction Club. Give it up.

General Protection Fault
The webcomic about Linux zealots, secret agent co-workers, and a company named after a bug that invokes the Blue Screen Of Death.
Real Life
Scientifically proven to be 72% more entertaining than a bowl of cereal.
PvP Online
Sluggy started the webcomics craze. Pvp turned it into a viable business. The writer, Scott Kurtz, lives off his comic revenue.
Bob and George
The Grand-daddy of sprite comics.
Home of the original purple floating author character. Too bad it spawned a bunch of knock-offs.
Nuklear Power
Home of 8-bit Theatre
Daily Victim
It's not a web comic, but it belongs here anyway!


By toma