Agile Manufacturing Replaced by Extreme Programming
Agile manufacturing is an idea with great potential, but is now just another twentieth century buzzword. This web page, which used to describe agile manufacturing, will transform into a description of the next big thing.

The next big thing is Extreme Programming. I'm still figuring it out. My take on it will probably involve Perl, perhaps using Perl refactoring tools.

If you're still involved in manufacturing, it is a good time to retool. Learn something new!

The good news is that if the pendulum swings back and manufacturing picks up again in USA, all the equipment will be new. With the right investment, I believe that USA will be competetive and often win. It was sad to watch our equipment and capability get shipped overseas, but much of it should have been replaced anyway, if the proper investments had been forthcoming. Sour grapes.

Agile manufacturing was the last attempt by manufacturing organizations to claim manufacturing as a core competency. Now, most(?) manufacturing has left USA. Few USA companies want to claim it as a core competency, since it amounts to a 'kick me' sign on the back.

The replacement for agile manufacturing is best described by Neal Stephenson in Snowcrash. USA retains excellence in software development and pizza delivery. I've studied extreme programming, refactoring, patterns, etc, but so far I've learned the most from Stephenson. YMMV.

12/18/2000 ..... Information Systems for Agile Manufacturing
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By toma